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WTB a black 250r...waiting to see what turns up.

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Noob from Arizona....down on the border! I am a total Honda fan ( civics, integra etc...) And I just found this site as well as the bike! My interest is in learning to cycle and saving money on gas and wear and tear on the car! Also, a little fun with the wife on weekends would be cool too. Looking foward to bouncing alot of questions of you guys and gals in hopes of learning *safely* and while having fun. See you around.

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Welcome RRrider! This bike is quite appealing and I think we will all be very happy with it.
It is a very nice looking bike, the CBR250R design was what attracted me to the bike then i found out other good stuff about it.

Did you end up modifying the Civic's and Integra's you had or just kept them stock?
Welcome !

Hopefully North America will get our bikes soon! honda has made great cars, even now people still want them !
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