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My girl and I just finished a couple track days and I had put together a backup CBR250 with some help from folks here. I took several bikes to the track that I wanted to sort out, because its winter here, and the trip to Florida is to get away from the snow. I ended up riding the backup CBR250 a couple of times, and it was a genuine blast. Many friends asked to ride it, and felt the same way.

So with that in mind, I'm considering picking up a couple more just for friends for track play purposes. When you're all on the same bike, the playing field is level.

I'm looking for a couple CBR250 suitable for track use. Some damage I can repair or straighten, and cosmetics and things like turn signals, lights, and instruments are low priority. Road legal titles wouldn't be a concern either.

If you have something or know of something that might fit the description, feel free to contact me via personal message or in this thread. I'm in Northeast USA, specifically Pennsylvania, and travel around a bit. I'm also not opposed to shipping bikes either, as I'm not in a hurry.

Thanks for reading.
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