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If you’re serious about improving your lap times, having good feedback and data is a crucial part of the process. Going by gut feeling alone can work, but having actual data that shows exactly where and why you lost time over the course of a lap helps you to focus on improving right where you need it most. The newly updated GPX Pro from XT racing allows you to do that, and a quite a bit more.

The original GPX Pro was already a great tool for those looking to drop times and gather data for bike setup, but now it is even better in terms of versatility and durability. The new units are available with your choice of either 4 or 8 channel external channels for data acquisition. All of these external channels are universal, meaning that they can accept analog or digital signals. Preset input types for the external channels include the following:

  • RPM
  • Gear Position
  • Throttle Position
  • Suspension
  • Wheel Speed
  • Water Temperature
  • Oil Temperature
  • Oil Pressure
*Note - Additional sensors are required for any type of input that does not have an existing sensor on the bike. (e.g., suspension travel)

The external channels are not limited to monitoring these preset data types, however. The GPX Pro lets you set up a custom inputs using additional sensors to record things like brake pressure and steering head angle. Essentially you can calibrate the unit to monitor just about anything you would like, as long as you have a sensor for it.

In addition to the external channels, both the the GPX Pro 4 and 8 also have 4 built-in data channels:
  • Computed Gear
  • Longitudinal G’s
  • Lateral G’s
  • 12V Monitor
The G forces are picked up by an internal 3-axis accelerometer that monitors longitudinal Gs (acceleration/deceleration) and lateral Gs (side to side). The GPX Pro can combine this with the GPS information to provide you with an extremely accurate data set.

In terms of durability, the new version has been greatly improved. It now has a more shock/vibration resistant screen and more reliable flash memory. The components are encased in a brand new, sturdy black anodized billet aluminum shell.

As a lap timer, the GPX Pro allows you to forget about the track-side beacons. All you need to do is turn it on and the included GPS receiver picks up your location. The original GPX Pro used an internal GPS receiver that, while convenient, didn’t always provide the best reception. This has been remedied with the inclusion of a stronger external GPS receiver for the new model. Once your location is plotted, the GPX Pro will automatically learn any new track you visit and it can start timing immediately after doing so. Any track that is mapped is stored onboard and is automatically recognized when you visit again. These learned tracks can then be broken into up to 5 split segments, allowing you to narrow your focus to any section of the track and compare your lap to lap performance.

All of the data and lap times won’t do you any good if you can’t analyze it, so the GPX Pro comes bundled with XTStudio. This software compiles the data and gives you a customizable view of your laps, complete with a track map. You can choose the data that you want displayed and watch your lap in real time, making it much easier to pick out your weak points on track.

We can’t recommend the GPX Pro from XT Racing enough for those of you that are serious about improving your lap times. If you’re interested, or have any questions about the unit and available accessories, feel free to get in touch with Brad. He can be reached by phone at 866.931.6644 ext. 810, or you can send him a PM through this forum. If email is more convenient, go ahead and send one to FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM and we’ll get back to you right away!

The XT Racing GPX Pro 4 is shown here with everything that comes in the box.

The GPX Pro 4 has 4 external input channels, whereas the GPX Pro 8 has, well, 8. Each channel can be customized to monitor and record the data of your choice.

LED lights along the top of the aluminum case act as a tachometer and shift light. The way they are displayed can be easily customized in the menus.

Bundled with the GPX Pro is the XTStudio software for Windows based PC’s. It allows you to easily view all the gathered data in real time..
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