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Over priced exhaust

I've notice the "compatible" exhaust for the 2011 are $300+ but since the MC22 is far more common globally you can find generic exhaust online at MUCH more affordable prices. Why is a MC22 exhaust not compatible over a 2011 CBR-250R "designed-for" exhaust?
I agree $450 US is too much profit for the manufacturers. A generic slip on can should be much cheaper. Riders with $13,000 super bikes have been dishing out thousands for upgrades but it isn't as easy to justify wasting that kind of money on a $4000 bike.
The RR is a four cylinder bike so the header pipe may not come out to the slip on muffler in the same place or at the same diameter. You would have to look closely at both bikes side by side to see if an RR mufler would line up.
I'm waiting for DanMoto to fit his exhaust to our bike for $120. The MGP Growler is also close to affordable at $275 when that comes out next month.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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