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Guys im about to get Honda CBR 250R.. I live in Chennai, India, wil the Indian Roads treat Cbr good.. and about braking im gonna get CBR without the C-ABS coz in chennai u cnt reach more than 100 kmph bcoz of the ups nd down and also the traffic, is the standard version of CBR good in braking ?? !! and coming onto the nxt topic THE MILEAGE part.. i know this bike is great to ride but eventually u should also see the mileage.. im really OK if the mileage is between 30-35 kmph but below that im not sure !! "U" owners of the CBR's please suggest what mileage u get (in KMPH
) nd how the way u drive it !!

And Guys also please share the Pros nd Cons u come across while drive !! This bike is drivin me crazy by its look nd specs

And also please add me as ur Friend.. Thanx in Advance..

-Allan Caleb.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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