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Year Make Model Topic Be Descriptive!Hi from New Mexico

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Hi from New Mexico

Greetings from New Mexico! We have just bought a Red/Silver CBR250R which is supposed to actually be here May 26. We are very excited and looking forward to lots of enjoyable reading on All the best,
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Welcome to the forum! i hope you enjoy the ride, and share it with others...
Congrats on the booking. Looking forward to your pics of the bike. If you haven't done so far, please start investing in riding gear.
Ride hard, ride safe!!!
Welcome to the group! Enjoy your CBR!

Welcome to the Forum, Is your receiving date confirmed to may 26th? or it just an estimate... from most of north America, we arnt getting enough or any bikes @ all!
Hey All, thanks for the hospitality ... got a call/message today from my Honda salesperson to let me know that it was "all systems go" for May 26 delivery. But ... I didn't talk to him and so don't know how he knows that ... making this post pretty much useless ... i'll find out how he knows tomorrow and let you know ... adios amigos -
So, I did talk to them and asked them "How do you know?" ... and they said that at the beginning of every week they receive datasheets from various suppliers which tell, among other things, what is scheduled to be shipped and when ... and that the May 26 delivery date appears to be unchanging. May 26!!! That's only 8 little 'ole days. It will come, Ray. It will most definitely come.
soon soon ! glad that your getting your bike soon! what color did you end up going with? and what options did you choose?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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