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Year Make Model Topic Be Descriptive!New Rider Black Non-ABS CBR250R Alberta Canada

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Hey all,

I just picked up my CBR250R on Monday May 16th. I have over 200km on it right now and I love it, as it is my first bike! Just wanted to say a quick Hello :)


PS. Sorry for the subject
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Hey Nitro,
Congratulations on your new CBR250R!
Wishing you many more miles on your new acquisition! :) Do post some pics of your CBR.
Awesome bike. Congrats. I also have it in black.
Nice bike - I have it's twin brother. I hope you enjoy it as much as I'm enjoying mine.

awesome bike! welcome to the forum and enjoy the ride!
congrats fellow Albertan! Got mine on the 13th, abs model. Loving it. Wish you a great riding season. Be safe! Keep shiney side up
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