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Mine hasn't come in yet but was wondering about sticker removal. Are the Honda wing on the tank, the CBR and the 250CBR on the side fairings under clear coat or can I just peel them off? My motto has always been "I only advertise when I'm paid". No walking billboard for my bike.
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yeah me too ,de-badge,i like honda but i will put somthing else just to mess with nosey people,maybe cbr 600,or ducati,lol:eek:
Those stickers are under clear coat.
The stickers are actually pretty discreet and hardly noticeable.
Mine came with two(!) dealer stickers on the front of the fairing and a dealer license plate bracket. I told the sales guy that if they could get the two stickers they put on off without scratching the bike, I would take it. The LP bracket lasted about 30 seconds.

Agree with madd-trapper - the CBR250 stickers and the small fron "Honda" are discreet - especially on a black bike. Those will stay.
The stickers on the tank left a small colored imprint on my black bike. Anybody else notice this? It is almost impossible to see, but with the right lighting I can still see where the stickers used to be. I figure a nice tank pad will fix that problem... I am leaving on my Honda stickers... I think taking off the Honda stickers will make your bike look generic.
just detail the fairings, with swirl remover and a polish should hide if not remove the place where the sticker use to be, just a nice detail will do.
I removed all the "warning" stickers on the tank of my bike, they had left a mark but with a little acetone and some rubbing the residue did come off. Of course there are other options, someone mentioned goo gone is good, but my husband works in a fiberglass plant so it was an easy solution
Guys, the whole point of those stickers is for identification? Dont you think the Honda sticker itself puts you in the league of people who could afford those bikes? And doesn't that HONDA symbol itself say a lot about you? You should remove any stickers that your dealer/store puts, but you need not remove the HONDA/CBR stickers. Just like you, your bike is an identity.
I'd avoid acetone on the paint - WD-40 or goo-gone will get rid of the glue, but I've been told that acetone may damage the finish unless it's gotten off quickly and completely after use.
I took off the Honda sticker above the headlight, looked out of place. Used goo off, it did dull the plastic slightly.
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