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I would have bought a honda cbr 250 if it is available in red. Because it was not I bought the 125R which i think is more beautifull than the coulours which are available (black, tricolor)

Please write what you think about it and if you know why honda is not selling the cbr 250 in Austria/Germany and probabely write how I can get this beautiful motorcycle.

Comments for my bad englisch are also allowed;)
Don't worry about your English. It may not be perfect, but you communicate OK. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Thankfully we all have different tastes in colour and ideas of beauty. If we didn't everything would be the same and that would be boring. Like you, I prefer the Honda shade of red, but unlike you colour is not a big issue when I buy something. If I really hate the colour of something I figure i can change it. Some people have already done that with their CBR250R.

It seems Honda are finding it difficult to supply the demand in several countries where it has been introduced to the market so far. It has been well received and seems to be what a lot of people are looking for in a bike. Maybe you will have to wait a little longer in Austria and Germany, but I am sure it will be available in due course.... You will have to be patient like all those people who have had a CBR250R on order for several months!

Anyway, you have a bike to ride now, which is good. I have done several trips by motorcycle in your part of the world in July. It's a great month for riding the Black Forest Highway, and exploring The Alps. No photos unfortunately, just memories. I hope I can check out a bit more of it one day.

Enjoy riding; that's what it's all about.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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