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1988-90 cbr250r mc-19

Hello All....

I'm Slater, a 27yr old male from Redbank plains, QLD in australia.
i've just purchased a 1988-90 (can't remember year) MC19 Cbr250r fof $800 and will be taking delivery on the 16th of july.

BUT.... its not all fun and games.... it needs some work.
1.the seats are ripped
2.the fuel tank has a dint in it (but isn't leaking)
3.the front fairing is cracked and needs to be plastic welded
4.the rear tyre is stuffed
5.the screen is broken and cracked.
6. NEEDS another set of fairings and/or paintjob. as i want it black and light grey/silver
i'm getting items 1,3,4,5 fixed for a fee through Honda Rocklea but need the other things fixed/replaced also. BUT the problem is.... EXTREMELY tight budget. CAN ANYONE HELP ME AS i'm desperately needing the bike on the road so i can get to work.

NEED fairings and a fuel tank asap!!

HELP ME [email protected]!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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