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why to pay 180$ for frame sliders?!
for all other bikes its avilable for about 90-100... :\
just cause this bike is new there arent many products available and prices are crazy right now... (Black windscreen for about 150$ huh?!?)
But i still wish i could buy exhaust online and ship it to israel (2BR SlipOn Aluminuim costs here around 2900ILS Its 850$ :mad:)
It will get better as time goes by and more people buy them, but for now, $180 once, sure beats replacing fairings for every small drop (especially for new riders), and due to the design (bolting to the frame rather than the engine), replacing major engine parts.

Tyga Performance - Screen, Dark Tint, OEM Honda, 2011 CBR250 - Bodywork and Carbon

There is a black windshield for only $35. Don't know about shipping to Israel though.
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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