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To anyone who has installed a yoshi slip-on:

Does your slip-on pipe slide over the 2" ring at the end of the header pipe? I know I ordered the right model but the muffler's pipe is too narrow to clear the ring. (sorry no pics. I'm nowhere near the bike.) The stock exhaust slides over the ring and clamps there, this one doesn't.

I looked at the Yoshimura website to look at the muffler clamp in relation to the muffler, and the clamp sits right up against the "yoshi" plate; while mine sits about two inches away from it. This would lead me to believe that the slip-on should slide over this ring.

Does the ring slide off? It looks welded on. I considered using the grinder to cut it off but I'm not sure how strong welds are. WCS I buy a new header pipe. eh...

If anyone can help with this I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
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