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Oil is perfect. I made them add 100ml at the dealership as it was too low for my liking. I do agree that it's probably tappet noise. Better to hear it, than to not! I do know that my dealer (powerhouse) does not inspect the valves at the first service unless you ask them. They listen to them. However, you can't hear a tight valve though, can you!? I will do the valve service myself after 600 miles. Other than the tappet noise at certain RPM, she purrs like a kitty kat, and I'm the envy of town.
I never heard my valves until I got my first service. They told me honda requires them to adjust the valves on our first service. So they did and charged me for it of course. Now I can definitely hear my engine a bit more but it sounds like a real bike now, at first it was quiet like a scooter, now it sounds kinda like a transformer about to change form lol.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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